La vita comincia ogni giorno ( ed. Lòrma 2017)

 Bodie Among the Clouds

A collection of letters that propel you into the visible world and its human relationships, rendred even stronger and yet more intense in its invisible parallel.
His thoughts concern life,death,existence and imagination,according to a hypnotic,concrete and radically experimental approach. “The eyey of men must learn to transformer experience and into vision”, so as not to miss anything of the world, to understand that to be amazed, as well as to be able to choose,
life begins every day.

Choreography and playwriting by Tiziana Arnaboldi
Dancers Marta Ciappina, Francesca Zaccaria
Actor Andrea Cannarozzo
Pianist Gabriele Leporatti
Lighting design by Andrea Ferri Ferrari
Co-production Teatro San Materno
With the support of: Repubblica e Cantone Ticino DECS Swisslos,
Comune di Ascona, Fondazione Carl Weidemeyer, Fondazione Pende

Around the bodies

Homage to the Bauhaus

The pursuit of a renewing force through the exploration of new visions around the body and the space. The idea for this project came from a vision I had while observing a photograph on a Bauhaus magazine, depicting a cone-shaped object. I have converted this shape into a costume: a long four-kilo skirt consisting of nine concentric rings, made of wood, each one with a different diameter. The skirt-object stimulates the repertoire of the dancers, leading them to reprogram the image of their own body and of their habits related to the space and to the relationship with the other, creating a new vocabulary and a new quality of movements. The transformation of the object becomes machinery for the stage setting. Its continuous movement, consisting of an infinite series of spirals, lines and points, creates unexpected orientations and trajectories to rediscover the “place” that is inside and outside of the human being. Opposite entities emerge to the spectator: light-shadow, gravity-lightness, path-threshold, allegory of the human condition. A dance is drawn in the space and it becomes pressing, insistent and constant in its architecture, deconstructing itself around a circular plot, making the performance deeply cosmical and capable of giving life to surprising and unprecedented forms. A music composition with powerful rhythm, thanks to tonal and resonant elements involved in the entire composition, which presents itself as a unicum without interruptions.


Choreography and Direction: Tiziana Arnaboldi
Dancers: Marta Ciappina, Eleonora Chiocchini
Musical Research: Mauro Casappa
Lighting Design: Christoph Siegenthaler

A Teatro San Materno Ascona Co-production

Dance & Mystery

A Tribute to Charlotte Bara

Danza e mistero’, a tribute to dancer Charlotte Bara, highlights the beauty and the mystery of gesture and poetry. Preserved in the archive at the Ascona Municipal Museum, curated by historian Michela Zucconi Poncini, is the only visual evidence of Bara that survives for us. I was inspired to create movements of hands, arms and eyes based on the powerful elements I observed in these photographs. Hands were always the central focus of her dancing; she used to say that we breathe the world through our hands, which are able to translate the subtlest of thoughts, combining both physical and the spiritual dimensions. For her, every movement had to “send its vibrations up to the sky, and become part of the eternal rhythm.”

On stage, three dancers of great prominence project into space Charlotte Bara’s magical creative force, originating in her gothic poses and celebrated by writers, poets, painters and artists in a variety of fields. This magical power is combined by the dancers with movements of pelvis and legs, engaging Charlotte Bara’s historical gestures in a sincere dialogue with the dance of today: contemporary dance.

Music provided another fundamental component in Bara’s dance. In ‘Danza e mistero’, Mauro Casappa has included the music Bara was most fond of: Bach, Pergolesi, Leo Kok, Domenico Scarlatti’s adagio and Mozart’s Requiem. Against this backdrop, we have chosen to introduce elements of contemporary musical language, creating an atmosphere of stunning impact.

Choreography and Direction: Tiziana Arnaboldi
Dancers: Marta Ciappina, Eleonora Chiocchini and Valentina Moar
Musical Research: Mauro Casappa
Video: Oscar Accorsi
Lighting Design: Christoph Siegenthaler

A Teatro San Materno Ascona Co-production

The Song of the Body

From earth to light, from dawn to dusk to give rise to actions, memories and emotions, in the magic of silence and light.
Five dancers of great depth meet in a space surrounded by 5 quintals of river stones, in search of the animal in them. Gestures and sounds vibrate freely to meet memories that the body tries to sing in the two fixed points on which we can always count: sunrise and sunset.Their gestures transform the scene into an energetic field in which bodies, spaces, sounds, looks and hands form a single entity, aimed at expressing the inexpressible and making the invisible concrete.

Choreography Tiziana Arnaboldi
Dancers Eleonora Chiocchini, Marta Ciappina, Pierre-Yves Diacon, Maxime Freixas, David Labanca

Music Mauro Casappa

Lights Elia Albertella

Coproduction Teatro San Materno Ascona
Production supported by Repubblica e Cantone Ticino, Comune di Ascona, Fondazione Pende

Suspended spaces

“To live means to go from one space to another without getting too hurt” Georges Perec

We have to live with fragile spaces that the time consumes and destroys; memories will betray us, forgetfulness seeps insight our memory. In our empty areas, together with interpreters we begin a journey of exploration to draw portions of spaces, micro-worlds invaded by beams of light, sound and vibrations of mechanical objects that pass through the body, carriers of gestures seeking our reason for a dance as a guide to truth and to our suspended humanity between reality and imaginary.On stage two dancers, two personalities who are distinguished by their different act and observe the situations which have occurred; the human being is in a continuous confrontation-clash. They wish to empathize between object-subject, is it correct to switch roles or simply trying to leave their body, their mind in other areas and volumes to suspend themselves and start their journey in an area without borders.

Choreography Tiziana Arnaboldi
Dancer Eleonora Chiocchini, David Labanca

Manufacturer of mechanical objects and Compositions of light beams François Gendre

Music research Mauro Casappa

The performance is co-produced by Teatro San MaternoWith the support
of Swisslos, Repubblica e Cantone Ticino, Pro Helvetia, Comune Ascona, Ernst Göhner Stiftung

Inside Jawlensky

“He played while painting

He gave voice with colour to “that organ which resonated in him and which he had to make play”.

Our painting “Inside Jawlensky” is a meeting of the arts with dancers, musicians and a soprano singer. The chromatic tones recall musical tones and both refer to tones of gestures in a continuous alternation of rhythms to bump into deep and intimate layers and become one “here I am!”. An invitation for performers and spectators to open a new space between conscious-unconscious, between visible-invisible, to go beyond beauty, looking for that oblique way that observes and contemplates the outside world as if it were a never-ending embrace.

It is a dance of music, voice and gestures that develops at different points and gradually spreads, taking everyone with it. The space spins, the various languages are questioned between tension and relaxation, between full and empty volumes, between perpetual movement and immobility, between open and closed gaze.

The “chaos” that ensues (lines that collide, come together, are ordered, disarrayed, outlined and destroyed) is intended to erase external differences in order to lay bare our true identity, where thoughts, experiences and ideas wander in a continuous evolution of resonances and inner vibrations.


Choreography Tiziana Arnaboldi
Dancers Eleonora Chiocchini, David Labanca
Soprano singer Laure Barras
Guitar Mimmo Prisco Percussion Luciano Zampar
Video creation François Gendre
Lighting design Felix Leimgrüber Assistant Pierre-Yves Diacon

The production is supported by:
Republic and Canton Ticino, ProHelvetia, Municipality of Ascona, Foundations Sophie und Karl Binding, Ernst Göhner, Familien Vontobel

Attesa ni na na

-Inspired from Beckett’s text “Waiting for Godot”

It is the wait of all waitings, the attempt of dancers-characters to reconstruct their wait, seated next to each other urging to find something all the time, causing the impression of existing and tolerating the unbearable empty feeling: the wait.
Together they meet, they run into each other, they outline and destroy themselves. All becomes inquiry, all becomes concrete matter, flesh.

Author and direction Tiziana Arnaboldi
Choreography Tiziana Arnaboldi with the dancers’ cooperation
Cast Giuseppe Asaro, Pierre-Yves Diacon, David Labanca, Françoise Parlanti, Nuria Prazak
music Mauro Casappa
light design François Gendre, assistente regia luci Catherine Rutishauser, Josef Busta

Co-production: San Materno, Theatre in Ascona, ProHelvetia,