The Truth of the gesture – a constant search

Laboratory-meetings of choreographic research organized by Tiziana Arnaboldi, with the goal of integrating new dancers in the company as realization of future projects and open for cooperation with various artistic languages.The objective of these Meetings is to invite the interpreter to approach to authenticity as a way toward truth: in relationships, feelings, gestures, silences, movements, looks,… to think of essence. To hear the beauty of the gesture, music, words and silence that become palpable subject and energy according to each participant’s artistic sensibilities. A single gesture can be enough on its own, as can a silence be loaded of movement. To bring the interpreter to see the body as actor, as an artistic and linguistic project, without barriers between the different ways of communication. To see and to feel the expression of movement, both in dance or theatre, as direct expression, immediate, natural, organic, for reflection and to establish a new relationship; the world changes, we change and the point of view changes. Meetings that help to push us beyond scene to find the world, beyond theatre to find the human being that moves and thinks. Creating space, time and energy that move along and think.A collective search of awareness, clarity and richness to work under way.At the end of these encounters, held at Teatro San Materno of Ascona, a comparison and an exchange will occur directly between dancers and audience.

Via Arbivecchio 3

CH-6604 Locarno

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